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The Nostalgics Group



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The Nostalgics Group The Nostalgics Group


The Nostalgics is a social group that meet every Monday afternoon at Queen Street Health and Wellbeing Centre.  The group is for the over 60s with a learning disability, many of whom had lost contact with friends over the years and who found it difficult to reconnect with them and communicate with others.  The secret of The Nostalgics is that it has been the hub of that reconnection, drawing old friends back together and providing the building-blocks for re-establishing friendships and making new ones.  In some cases the group has really been a lifeline giving people a reason to go out, a new reason to be happy and providing a new support when life seems bleak and sad. 

Although the Group does not focus specifically on days gone by, some meetings have included the viewing of photographs from the North East Lincolnshire Library Service Local History Collection.  The photographs have helped to stimulate conversation and bring back memories – some happy and some not so happy.

The Nostalgics: In My Life is an audio-documentary produced and presented by Mike Carwright from Soundschool telling the story of The Nostalgics group through the voices of its members and their supporters.  It was produced over the summer of 2013.