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Hardback:The great darkness:First edition Hardback The great darkness
The great darkness
Author: Kelly, Jim
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Edition: First edition
Classification: FICTION
Category: Fiction
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9780749021610
Extent: 349 pages : maps (black and white) ; 23 cm (hbk)
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1939, Cambridge: The opening weeks of the Second World War, and the first blackout - The Great Darkness - covers southern England, enveloping the city. Detective Inspector Eden Brooke, a wounded hero of the Great War, takes his nightly dip in the cool waters of the Cam. Daylight reveals a corpse on the riverside, the body torn apart by some unspeakable force. Brooke investigates, calling on the expertise and inspiration of a faithful group of fellow 'nighthawks' across the city, all condemned, like the detective, to a life lived away from the light. Within hours The Great Darkness has claimed a second victim. War, it seems, has many victims, but what links these crimes of the night?


Set in Cambridge during the early years of the 2nd World War, this series of novels features DCI Eden Brooke and his network of trusted “Nighthawks”, solving crimes during a time of uncertainty and danger. Full of compelling characters and twisty plots that will keep you guessing, this series is a welcome addition to the crime shelves! I enjoyed the descriptions of wartime Cambridge, and the underlying sense of unease that the books evoked – but also the sense of a community coming together at a difficult time, which felt reassuring – especially in the current circumstances.

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The great darkness

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