Information for Teachers

Class Visits

The Children's Librarians in North East Lincolnshire are experts at giving class visits about the local library service to school children of any age.

A visit could contain some of the following:

  • Introduce the children to the library service, explain how to use it, show the range of material available and read a selection of stories, poems and rhymes.
  • Arrange a practical session on finding information, using a wide range of books, encyclopaedias and ICT resources.
  • Demonstrate the use of computers in the community, by finding out how the library computer works from issuing books to providing management information.
  • Promote a range of fiction stories on a theme of your choice, for your particular age group e.g Fantasy, Historical etc.

For more information about your year group please Click one of the following links:

To arrange a visit please contact the Children's Librarian giving details of:

Your School,
Contact Name,
1st and 2nd choice of dates/times,
Year Group,
Class Numbers,
Any special needs requirements and topics you would like covered.

Telephone 01472 323621 or E-mail

If your school is unable to arrange a visit to a local library, it may be possible for a librarian to visit your school.