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Class Visits - Year 3 and Year 4

Class Visit - Year 3 and Year 4 Class Visit - Year 3 and Year 4

Example of topics that could be covered:

Aim: Introduce children to the library and the services it offers.

The visit to include: The class will be shown a wide range of resources available for all ages, including picture books, story books and poems. The librarian will promote a selection of stories that are appropriate for the class. It is hoped by the end of this session pupils will be able to understand the differences between fiction and non-fiction, reference and lending.

Aim: Explain the variety of information available in the library

The visit to include: Explanation on how to find information for homework from books, encyclopaedias and Internet. Emphasising the benefits and the disadvantages of doing research on the Internet.

Aim: To include a tour of the library service

The visit to include: An introduction to reference works, maps, local history etc. We can also centre the tour around any particular educational needs the teacher may require.
All visits will include a general introduction to the library service and some time for independent reading: Time for the pupils to browse in the library, and select books of their choice to look at. The librarian will talk to the individual pupils and help them in their section.

To arrange a visit please contact the Children's Librarian giving details of:

Your School,
Contact Name,
1st & 2nd choice of dates/times,
Year Group,
Class Numbers,
Any special needs requirements and topics you would like covered.

Telephone 01472 323621 or E-mail

If your school is unable to arrange a visit to a local library, it may be possible for a librarian to visit your school.